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Descriptions of our classes.


Our gym space is warmed for each class. Practicing in warmth offers several advantages: injury prevention, increased flexibility, detoxification, and deeper mental and physical release. The classes below are listed in order of difficulty, the easiest first.


Chair Yoga

This class is ideal for anyone with limited mobility ready to begin the gentle journey into an improved quality of life.   Stretch, strengthen, and quiet the mind using the support of a chair at your own personal pace.  Learn breathing techniques to reduce anxiety; practice balancing postures to improve daily functioning; and experience the healing benefits of increased circulation throughout the body.


Stretch and Renew

Slow your nervous system by settling into deep stretches from a supine position.  Elongate muscles, lubricate joints, and release physical and mental tension as you breath into your body.    Melt into bliss as we close this hour with a 15 - 20 minute guided meditation.


Relaxed Flow

Safely immerse yourself into the basics of yoga as you relax into the flow of synchronized breath and movement.  Connect to your inner-awarenesses of body, mind and spirit by progressing through postures with a slow deliberate cadence.  Tone, stretch, center . . . smile.


Yoga Blend

Experience all that yoga has to offer in this hour of flow, balance, and relaxation.  Postures from many yoga traditions are linked together to leave students feeling energized, centered and strong.  Transform yourself with this gentle joyful challenge.


Yoga Blend II

This class uses a variety of postures from many yoga traditions to provide diversity and continued challenge.  Detoxify and energize as you move into a rhythmic flow and intermediate postures.  Build both physical and mental stamina, strength and flexibility.





4611 E Shea Blvd, Bldg. 3, Suite 190;
Pheonix, AZ 85028
Phone: 480-889-0180 Ext. 104

Classes: First class FREE!
Yoga Therapy: 15% off first 2 sessions!


  • Get 5 or more of your friends and family together
  • Pick 3 possible times once per week for one month
  • Choose any style of yoga you would like
  • Contact your yoga specialist
  • Pay $28.00 for one month of classes


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